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Complete Mulching and Fertilization Service in 

Greensboro, NC

Protect your flower beds and give your grass the nutrients it needs with our lawn fertilization and mulching services. Lawn care maintenance entails much more than just mowing and weeding; our professionals will give your yard the care it needs by using the best fertilization and weed control products to achieve long-lasting results.

 From mulch installation to lawn fertilization, we know what it takes to give your lawn the care needed. To properly protect your yard, we provide a seven-step program where we fertilize your yard at certain points of the year, starting in late winter and then following in early and peak spring, early summer and peak summer, as well as fall and late fall. An additional application can be applied again in late spring for GRUB coverage all season long and will be included as the eighth step to your fertilization treatment. 


five stars

Could not be happier. Nicest lawn on the street by far.

Dave Z.

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Give Your Lawn the Nutrients It Needs

  • Contribute to your yard’s health and protection with fertilization. Feeding your lawn allows your grass to grow quickly thanks to the nutrients found in our top-quality fertilizer.
  • Prevent your flowers from freezing in the cold and weeds from taking over your hard-earned flower bed by working with our mulch company. Mulch installation maintains the temperature around the roots of your flowers and promotes weed control by keeping sunlight away from the weed roots.
  • Retain the moisture in your soil and keep your plants in the best possible condition with mulching. As the area’s leading mulch company, we use top-quality mulch for the best protection.
  • Help the plants in your garden grow with proper fertilization treatments. Our professionals know how important it is to fertilize your plants and keep them protected for the best results.

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five stars

I am a true believer of Bennett's Lawn Care Service....My husband worked on our grass for years but had no real success. In our neighborhood we get all kind of flyers for different type of services. I had kept one of the lawn care flyers which was Bennett's Lawn Care and now I'm glad I did.......Two years ago we had the worst looking yard in our neighborhood and now we have a full yard of beautiful green grass thanks to Chris with Bennett's Lawn Care. Our grass was spotty and had all kinds of weeds in it but now it's beautiful . Chris has the answer to turning any ugly grass into beautiful green grass but the process is not a magical over night thing.... I learned that it does take patience's and time to develop a beautiful yard . Thanks Chris for making me a believer in your lawn care service. Keep up the good work.

Carole S.